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March 25, 2013

TO:                         All Staff
FROM:                     Maria Geryk, Superintendent
RE:                         Conflict of Interest Recertification/Renewal
Thank you for complying with the requirements of the Conflict training. Districts are required to comply with the Conflict of Interest Law Mandate which is provided as online training.
Am I mandated to complete the online training?
Yes, all full and part time public municipal employees, including those employed in Massachusetts schools are required to complete the online Conflict of Interest online training. You are required to complete the most current version of online training every two years following your initial training, which the districts completed in 2011.
Where can I find the required Conflict of Interest online training?
You can find the required online Conflict of Interest training at:
What do I need to complete before April 12, 2013?
You must complete the Conflict of Interest online training and return a copy of the Conflict of Interest Law Certificate of Completion to HR by April 12, 2013. The Certificate of Completion page requires you to enter your name, title and employer. Please enter your main assignment location in the employer section of the certificate. A copy of your completed certificate can be saved as a pdf file and sent by email to or a printed copy can be sent by inter-office mail to Human Resources.
What is the training all about and how do I access the online training?
The training consists of 25 questions and is available only online. No paper copies of the test are available.
Each question includes:
Ø       A brief explanation of a section of the law.
A hypothetical scenario.
Ø       A question and four answers.
Ø       A link to the relevant section of the conflict of interest law.
Please note the following:
Ø       If you choose the wrong answer, you will get an X and a brief explanation. You must return to the question and choose another answer. When you choose the correct answer you will get a √ and can move to the next question.
Ø       If you do not finish all the questions you will be able to return, on your next visit, to where you left off, only if you have enabled your “cookies” browser on the computer that you are began the training on.
Ø       Upon completion of the online training, you are required to print two training completion receipts, one of which is submitted to HR.
Ø       You will be able to complete the online training independently in not more than 10 minutes, with little or no support, during normal business hours. 
Where can I get help if I need it?
HR staff members are available to support all staff in successfully completing the required online training. Please contact one of the following HR staff members for help.
Rachel Bowen, Assistant Director, Human Resources ext. 1808
Damany Gordon, Human Resources Administrative Assistant ext. 1872
Jennifer Ortiz, Benefits Specialist, ext. 1895  
For additional information on this mandated requirement, please see the attached document. I encourage all of you to meet the requirements now by logging onto and completing the online training today!
Thank you for your support. I know that this is a very busy time for everyone, and this is not how any of us prefer to spend our valuable time.
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